Jean Monnet Science Award for European Law

The Austrian Society for European Law (ÖGER) is an association founded in 1988 for the scientific monitoring and commentary of European legal developments from an Austrian perspective. In 1999, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Jean Monnet's death, the Jean Monnet Science Prize for European Law was awarded for the first time in memory of and to promote research in European law in Austria.

For the year 2024, ÖGER announces the Jean Monnet Science Award for European Law for the 24th time.

The Jean Monnet Science Prize for European Law is awarded for dissertations in law with a focus on formal or substantive European law, which were approved at an Austrian university in the period from April 30, 2023 to April 30, 2024. The work must neither have been published nor promised to third parties for publication.

The prize is endowed with EUR 2,500 in 2024 and the publication of the dissertation by the Neue Wissenschaftliche Verlag NWV. An agreement to print the work within one year and the promise of any necessary adaptations are prerequisites for the award.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to sekretariat.europarecht [AT] by May 31, 2024. In addition to the dissertation itself, the application must include a short summary of the work (maximum 4 pages), the dissertation reviews, a curriculum vitae, and a statement of publication within one year of the award. Preferably, all application documents should be combined into a single PDF.

The award will be made by a selection committee appointed by the Board of the Austrian Society for European Law. The decision of the commission is made without recourse to legal action.

Award winner

Sorry, further information about the award winners is only available in German language.

2023 - Dr. Christoph Kölbl

2022 - Dr. Andrea Krachler

2021 - Dr. Johannes Safron

2020 - Dr. Marcus Schinnerl

2018 - Dr. Martin Miernicki, BA, BSc

2017 - Dr. Marcus W.A. Sonnberger

2016 - Dr. Nicole Daniel, LL.B., LL.M.

2015 - Dr. Karoline Spies

2014 - Dr. Lisa Paterno

2013 - Dr. Anna-Zoe Steiner

2011 - Dr. Marie-Therese Richter, BA

2010 - Dr. Sergio Materazzi, LL.M.

2009 - Dr. Martina Hohensinn

2008 - Dr. Thomas Garber

2006 - Dr. Karl H. Mumelter

2005 - Dr. Manuela Postl

2004 - Mag.Dr. Patrick Eixelsberger

2003 - Dr. Klaus Famira

2002 - Dr. Günter Herzig

2001 - Dr. Friedrike Philipp

2000 - Dr. Evelyn Pellissetti

1999 - Dr. Walter Obwexer, Dr. Michael Fruhmann, Dr. Herbert Rack